Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Faith, Love of My Life

I’m in love.

With my beautiful faith.

My Christianity or more specifically, my Catholicism.

What makes my Catholic faith so beautiful is the plain fact that each and every one of the Catholic Church’s teachings makes sense. Paradoxically, you don’t need faith to understand and believe many of the doctrines.

Faith, by the way, is a gift. Sometimes it is given when you pray for it and sometimes it comes without asking. I am one of those lucky people called “ Cradle Catholics ” who, without asking, received the gift of faith when they were born. My faith has been the handrail which I have been grasping as I walk through life.

And,I remain a Catholic. I always have been, always will be and I am thrilled to be..

This is the beginning of my blogging. As you will see in my profile, I have been writing for the last eleven years or so. In a short time I began getting my letters to the editor published in St.Pete Times with an occasional Guest Column. Now, for the past year and a half since I moved here, I have been writing a monthly column for the Cullman Times. Most of the subjects have been about-you guessed it-Catholic teaching as it relates to our behavior

For a short while in my youth, I studied for the priesthood. Unfortunately, it was not to be, I was “called, but not chosen”. My vocation ended with a thoughtful decision that I could not clear the hurdle of celibacy. It might surprise some that I am a staunch advocate of celibacy as a requirement for ordination. For my money, it is a price of admission to a life of true happiness.

Whenever I can, I will post some of the stuff I've had published that might be relevant to what's happening....Till then....