Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God And Evil

Why Does God Allow Evil In The World?

Having recently left the horror of hurricanes in Florida, I have now settled in to my new home in Alabama and discovered the terror of tornados.

Lately, there have been natural disasters the likes of which we have not seen in years. Fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes are happening far too often and are causing death and destruction. Let me not forget the frightening evidence of global warming and widespread drought.

The question often asked is being asked more frequently these days. Why does God permit these terrible tragedies? Tough question. Obviously, no one knows. But, we can speculate. I have a theory.

For those of us, who believe in God, believe He created a world in a state of journeying towards its ultimate perfection which we believe is being with Him. Whatever that might be. As long as it has not reached that perfection, it is an imperfect world with both good and evil Or, to put it another way, a perfect world could not be both good and evil.

So, ours is not a perfect world. No siree! It is filled with natural beauty and natural disaster. God is supremely good and would only permit the evil of disaster to occur or to exist in His works, such as storms like the deadly Katrina or the recent spreading wildfires in California, for example, because He knows that good can be derived from evil.

Don’t scoff. The good that comes after storms such as Katrina is evident in the help the victims received with love and consideration of people around the world. This is always the case after every flood, hurricane or fire. Compassion inevitably follows chaos. It is happening in California to the victims who saw their homes and all their possessions reduced to ashes.

These disasters are not punishments by God. So, we should not ask why He ‘allows’ them, implying He is angry with us for our moral decay. The disasters, on the contrary, are opportunities for good. Consider that the greatest good came from the greatest evil: the redemption of sin came from the crucifixion of Christ.

All of these disasters, I believe, therefore, are blessings in disguise.

Till next time...